There is an emerging consensus that the 20th century ways of leading just aren’t good enough for the 21st century. So where do you start if you want to lead change and transformation?

Change in the 21st century is continuous, ubiquitous, and exponential. It can’t be managed with a mechanistic 3-step or 7-step model – that’s ridiculous. The ground beneath us has shifted, and the mechanistic, linear and reductionist paradigm that have consumed us, no longer apply. 

In The New Leaders of Change, Maitri O’Brien, draws on her twenty-five years of international experiences in Fortune 500 companies, bringing a wealth of insights and shares her unique new approach to empower leaders by embracing people-centered leadership.

After two years of intense research, involving in-depth interviews with more than 50 next generation leaders from around the world, the call-to-action is clear: you start with people.

The next generation leaders are transforming themselves, their businesses and the world by putting people, planet and humanity at the center of their leadership. They are leading with empathy, compassion, purpose and courage.

Filled with riveting stories from the front-lines of real-world change and transformation, The New Leaders of Change is the missing manual for next generation leaders, leadership development professionals and CEOs of organisations facing exponential change.

The New Leaders of Change is a critical reminder that all business is driven by people, change involves people and it is always the people who drive change, innovation and transformation.  The people-centric principles in this book can be applied to leadership at any level, inviting readers to use another lens – the human lens – that can provide a different perspective and lead to different insights and solution.


What people have to say about my book


7C's of Leadership
with Maitri O' Brien

1. Compassion
2. Curiosity
3. Courage
4. Collaboration
5. Connectedness
6. Change Catalyst
7. Conviction

I explore the 7C's of Leadership characteristics in The New Leaders of Change. They are highly interconnected and reinforce each other.


Insightful words from some of the leaders who are featured in the book.

Featured New Leader of Change

“I see leadership as three overlapping circles – Self-awareness, Organizational Awareness and the Awareness of the World around me, how I contribute towards a bigger purpose. Currently, I am focusing on self-awareness. I have a daily mindfulness practice and it helps me to approach my team in a non-judgmental and fresh way.  When I can accomplish that, everything else just naturally follows organization, team, and the world around me. I think it becomes a bit more beautiful.” 

Kevin Jolly 
VP Data (Interim) at TIER Mobility 

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