Martin Summerhayes

Fantastic, real-life insights on the next generation of leadership skills, a MUST read.

A thought-provoking; insightful, real-life guide to the skills and approach you need as a next-generation people leader.

Maitri has interviewed leaders across different industries and sectors to bring together the most current insight on how to recognise and potentially develop the next generation of leadership skills. These are distilled into the seven “C’s” of People-Centred Leadership. My favourites are “Compassion – The need to care and help others” and “Change Catalyst – From Managing Change to Being a Catalyst for Change”.

I’d thoroughly recommend this guide as we all learn to navigate the complexities of 21st leadership. As Maitri ends with….. “As long as you demonstrate some of these characteristics, then you can make an increasing difference in the humanistic workplace of the 21st century.”

Martin Summerhayes
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