I am a connecter and amplifier of your vision, ideas and leadership.

I bring together my background and vast experience with multitude of clients across to world to offer an integrated and humanistic approach to leadership, team and organizational transformation.

My north star is to create space and experiences for leaders, teams, and organizations to unlock their creative capacities and full potential at the speed of change that is imposed by the 4th Industrial Revolution’s exponential technologies and ways of working.

“I can’t transform you into a transformational leader, but I can inspire you to find your way.”

Maitri O’Brien

I dove deep into silicon valley for 25+ years; working within Fortune 500 companies and advising senior leaders at pivotal moments of change and transformation. I worked behind the scenes on a wide range of large-scale, multiyear programs – such as change and transformation management, organization and operating model design, mergers & acquisitions, employee engagement and multi-stakeholder management. 

I’ve had many leadership roles inside the companies I worked with, including 12 years building and leading the Change and Transformation Consulting practice in Hewlett Packard and HP Enterprise. I discovered a passion for empowering senior leadership teams to tackle their most pressing strategic challenges by using times of change and transformation as a catalyst. 

As I worked across the globe, I learned how to connect dots in new ways, understanding organizational and cultural contexts, and customize solutions towards recognizing and spotlighting the diversity and resilience in people.

I recently joined AS Equity Partners as the Transformation Operating Partner, targeting control investments in technology businesses across Europe. 

I worked closely with portfolio company CEOs and leadership teams to define and execute a wide range of value creation and acceleration initiatives.

My personal passion revolves around my family. I have two adult children who are engaged in the arts and music and a granddaught whom I adore. I live with my husband in Switzerland, near Zurich. I enjoy the traveling and exploring art, music, food, wine, and fashion in different cultures. 

Artwork credit: Mira O’Brien 
Photography credit: Djamila Grossman

My sensitivity and experience of seeing, respecting, and amplifying differences in people and cultures is rooted in my own experience of growing up in four different cultures and working globally as a change and transformation consultant.